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  Tony Williams Ride  
  • Ridecymbal
    Tony Williams 22" Ride

    Undoubtedly the most celebrated ride cymbal in history now bears the scars of the most intense playing. Drilled out repeatedly in several places over the years, to halt the spread of cracks, with a piece flung off at the edge under his furious assault, Tony still refused to surrender his prize. Its unique combination of dry, clean stick sound, with complex, dark, orchestral overtones, presented the greatest challenge to the artisans.

  Tony Williams Crash  
  • Crashcymbal
    Tony Williams 18" Crash

    Tony's crash has a crack in the body and a smaller crack at the edge. Mysteriously, however, there is no discernible buzz or noise from these cracks. The crack in the body does, however, act as an in-built 'attenuator' accelerating the decay. These sonic characteristics have been replicated through a careful combination of additional hammering and specific lathing.

  Tony Williams Hi-Hat  
  • Hi-Hatcymbal
    Tony Williams 14" Hi-Hat

    Tony's top and bottom hats are perfectly nested from a lifetime of playing. The chick is gorgeous, the stick sound... sublime.

  Tony Williams Set  
  • Setcymbal
    Tony Williams Set

    Includes 22" Ride, 18" Crash, 14"Hi-Hat and Leather Cymbal Bag